Join the next generation of top-tier Software Engineers

Next-Gen is a structured training program where the selected candidates will join as Associate Software Engineers. In 16 weeks, our mentor-led program will prepare top tier candidates to become Software Engineers at the Ksquare Group. During this stage, the Next-Gen Associates will have a full-time opportunity in an international corporation where they can take their technical and soft skills to the next level. 

We offer intensive training in specific career paths, where candidates must select their area of specialization when they apply to the program. Currently, we are seeking talent looking to expand their technical skills in Java, JavaScript, and Salesforce. 

By the end of the program, candidates who meet all the expectations will be directly positioned as Software Engineers at the Ksquare Group to begin a career path in one of our teams of certified experts, digital innovators, and disruptive minds.

What are we looking for?

✅ Professional studies completed.

✅ Next-Gen candidates must be recent graduates or until 2 years of graduation from careers like Systems or Software Engineering, or related programs.

✅ Basic knowledge of programming. Have some experience in projects and in programming languages such as: C, C++, Python, Java, JavaScript, Salesforce.

✅ Intermediate to proficient level of English. It is a plus to have a TOEFL or any standardized test of English language.

✅ Candidates must be interested in pursuing a specialization in one of our programs: Salesforce, JavaScript, or Java. 

Skills & abilities:

✅ Problem solving and abstract reasoning.

✅ Analytical/logical thinking.

✅ High commitment.

✅ Communicate properly.

✅ Work independently or in a team environment.

✅ Work towards objectives.

✅ Empathize with others.

✅ Have a long-term mindset to grow within the company.

2021 call for NextGen started on October 5th, 2020, click here to know more about the admission process!